Impossible doesn’t exist

Yes, we’re over 30 and moving to LA.

Even in the best of us, that tiny little sentence jump-starts our anxiety triggers: palms start to sweat, eyebrows start to furrow, the tongue sets firmly against the roof of your mouth as the jaw starts to clench; and the mind starts to swirl with all manner of rationale and reality that says “you shouldn’t be moving at 30; you should be having babies; you should spend that money you saved on a home – buy a home for god’s sake!; LA will devour you – do you know how many snot-nosed nose-jobbed 25 year olds are out there?!”

Calm down.

This is actually the perfect time to move out there.  Anywhere, really.  We’re kid-free and debt-free, unless you count that unconscionable amount of Student Loans will carry around with us for the rest of our days!!  And, while we may be pretty old…well, I don’t really have a counter for that.  I mean, maybe I can pass as a younger gal…28?  29?  …le sigh.

The exact leave date is up in the air, but we need to be in LA by March 1.  It’s been weird to think about “where we’ll be when”…Ben’s next birthday will be in LA; I’ll be in LA before Wine Fest; where will we watch the Colts’ first kick-off next season?  But my work-wife put it best:  By the time Sean [the bachelor!] gives the final rose, I’ll already be in LA.  That really made me freak out.  It’s all happening so quickly…

So we say farewell to Indianapolis, the city that has nurtured us and made us well-rounded people.  We’re off to be little fish in a big pond, and I hope you’ll follow our adventures, which are sure to include hilarious and heartfelt video updates and hilarious and enviable photos.

Every city is what you make of it, Indianapolis or LA; or Chicago; or Sheboygan.  The city we’re headed to has a rich and abundant art and culture scene, but what LA doesn’t have, and what I’ll miss most of all, is my deep and meaningful friendships that I have here.  I – we – look forward to hearing from all of you in the next few weeks as you say goodbye to us in your own special way.  And we thank you in advance for all the encouragement you’re about to pour over us!


Happy Trails!

–Rebecca & Ben–


That’s the worst advice I’ve ever heard…

“If it don’t come easy, you better let it go.”

(Also, this video of Tanya Tucker is pretty much what my sister Carmen looked like basically the entirety of my youth, if you were ever wondering. No, seriously. Also, this is the epitome of 1988, whether you’re a country music fan or not. Madonna looked JUST LIKE THAT!)

I can’t believe my childhood was filled with this kind of BS preaching.  I somehow escaped its evil rhetoric and have actually come to live by quite the contrary mantra: “If it don’t come easy…try as hard as you can and sacrifice whatever you have to make it happen!”

Neither may be the soundest of advisories…but all I know is that all the good things in my life didn’t come easy.  If I had listened to Tanya, I wouldn’t have graduated college, or entrenched myself in Indianapolis’ arts & culture scene, or lost 30 pounds last year, or even have met and married the wonderful Mr. Masbaum!  Those, and many many many other great things came as the result of lots of effort, hard work, and some old-fashioned don’t-give-up-ery.  All this is really to say CONGRATULATIONS to my hubby for also not following Tanya’s advice, but instead digging in his heels and graduating college after 4 years of full course loads, classes filled with *kids* 10 years younger than him, and looooong nights of grueling group work and home work.

Congrats babe – I’m proud of ya!

30 was the greatest. Let’s do it again…

Everyone should be rewarded for a job well done. My 30th year went above and beyond what anyone expected of it and delivered my best days yet. So in that spirit, I move that we reward my 30th year by letting it have another go-’round!
That’s right, yesterday I turned 30 – again. And to show there are no hard feelings to my friend 31, I’m posting 31 pictures from my 30th year. Thank you to everyone, friends and family, rock stars, artists, well-knowns and not-so-well-knowns who have made this past year worth repeating.
I hope everyone can have a lifetime filled with the fun I’ve had this year – Enjoy!


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Found: another incredible story about recovering something that was lost.

I grabbed dinner and a couple of drinks last Friday night and…yadda yadda yadda…ended up taking a cab.  Great right?  Except around 5am Saturday morning I realized I don’t have my phone.  Crap.  I must have left it in the cab.  No worries – I’ll track it.  The Find My iPhone app says my iPhone is on, and in Greenfield.  Crap.  The cab driver must be at home, snuggled in his bed, unaware of my wayward iPhone in his backseat.  I’d have to deal with this later, because I had to be at a work event at 6:30am on Saturday — and wouldn’t leave until about 7:00pm that evening.

Throughout the day, I called, it rang and rang, went to voicemail.  I sent the recovery messages that the Find My iPhone app offers – and received confirmation that they were displayed.  But by 3pm on Saturday, my iPhone was officially dead – all contact had been lost.  Seriously, cabbie?  Wake up.

By 7:30pm, home now and filthier than I’ve ever been, covered scalp to ankle with dirt and dust, with a fresh film of sweat and trash on my hands, I decide that I can’t wait one more minute for the taxi company to call me or the cab driver to wake up and report to work for the night.  I needed to drive out to Greenfield and get my phone.  Thirty minutes later, my husband (aka my bodyguard) and I pulled up to the house indicated by Google maps as the location where my phone emitted its last GPS signal.  I expected to see a cab parked in the driveway.  No such luck.  I did see someone go into the garage and, smart or not, I decided to park my car along the street and walk in after him.

He was not alone.  He, a young-ish blonde guy about 25 years old, was joining 4 grizzly old red-necks seated in the garage drinking and smoking and reliving their fishing trip that day.  As soon as one of them slurred, “Can I help you?!”, I thought, oh no I’m in big trouble.   But, I explained myself: “This is going to sound really weird, but…I lost my phone in Broad Ripple last night…” – waiting for a glint of recognition in their eyes, a memory of picking up a stray iPhone off the street last night, but nothing.  So I continued: “…and I thought I had left it in the cab that I took, but I tracked my iPhone and it said that it was at this house…”

“This house, here?”

By his retort I could tell that he was the conspiracy-theorist sort, and very concerned about his privacy, so I tried to reassure him by saying, “Well, in this general area – it’s approximate; it could be your neighbor’s house, or the one across the street…”

So, the older gentleman regaled me with how he hasn’t been to Broad Ripple in YEARS, and how he doesn’t associate with a few of his neighbors [for reasons I won’t linger on], but that his daughter is friends with the girl that lives across the street.  Ashley.  I happened to remember meeting an Ashley the previous night – she was with a girl named Amber.

“Amber?” – finally a smidge of recognition from this guy – “She have dark hair? Short?”


“That’s my daughter.”

Oh, thank god. Right?  A woman from behind me offered to go in the house and call Amber and find out where the phone is/if she had it.  An uncomfortably large amount of time passed before the woman came back out with news about the phone (during which time I had to use every bit of knowledge about carp, bluegill, and flat-bottom fishing boats that I know – which is not very much, as you probably guessed).  Good news, though.  Amber has my phone, and she is in town and will meet me at Steak-n-Shake.


I found a truck in the back of the Steak-n-Shake parking lot in Greenfield, with a girl in it, who looked like she was waiting on someone.  So I parked next to her.  She got out, all 5-feet-10 and 240 pounds of her — this was NOT the Amber I met the previous night.  But, she did have my phone…interesting.  She said, “I found it in the bathroom at Peppers; it’s been dead so I haven’t been able to reach anyone…”

I was just elated to have my phone back, so I took it from her, and thanked her (so much), and practically ran back to my car.  Yeah, I guess to be honest I was afraid she might try to fight me…though I’m not sure why.  She just looked the type.

But, as my phone charged in my car, her comments and the events of the previous 24-hours just didn’t gel.  I didn’t go to the bathroom at Peppers.  And, dammit, my phone was fully charged until about 3pm that day – why didn’t she see my texts and lost-phone alerts??  Or answer the calls?!  And the girl that got out of the truck was not the petite dark-haired Amber I had met the night before…

Finally charged enough to turn on, my phone lit up and I unlocked it – only to find that it had been wiped.  All my info; all my pictures; all my contacts; all the photos I’d taken in Florida and the work I’d done for my blog on The Limited; not to mention hundreds of notes about work, family, friends, to-do lists, etc. – TOTALLY GONE.  I was so pissed, and couldn’t understand how that could happen – not by just losing it and it going dead.  Frustrated, but not panicked, I opened my Settings app to download all my synced info from the iCloud.  But what do I find?  That Amber Munden has set up the phone in HER name – her email address, her iTunes info – as though she was just going to use my phone, my NUMBER, as though it were just as transferable and hand-me-down as a pair of jeans from the thrift store!

Pissed, I stopped at the Verizon store 3 minutes before they closed and they were sure they couldn’t help me.  Jerks.  So the only think I could do was re-set my phone back to factory settings; then, re-enter my information and sync with iCloud.  But the latest info iCloud had for me was January 2012.

Now I’m obsessively syncing with iCloud every day.  And wondering how I got so lucky to get my phone back in the first place…

sLIPpery slope

Happy Bike to Work Day!  This is my first year biking to work on this sacred day for bike commuters.  This holiday is getting more and more popular here in Indy; the plaza outside the City Market was packed with bikers this morning!

I hope everyone had a safe trip in!  (Uh, join us for cyclist happy hour like right now at Tomlinson Tap Room!)

Being fair-skinned, I’m constantly worrying about getting a sunburn, UV damage, blisters, and all those gross things when I’m biking.  I especially worry about my lips, which tend to get chapped and really really dry in the summer sun.  So I’ve been trying out some balms and such.

Dermalogica: Clean Start ‘smart mouth lip shine’. Image courtesy of

Today I tried Dermalogica’s Clean Start “smart mouth lip shine”.  It promises to “shield, smooth, and shine”; everything I need.  Plus, the vanilla scent with a bit of zest – orange, maybe (?) is pretty alluring, too.  It’s a little bit gritty feeling going on (but others have said there is no such texture so what do i know? ), but it smooths out and definitely leaves a good amount of shine.   How and what does it shield? I’m not sure.  It is loaded with “Vitamin E, Cocoa Seed Butter, and Shea Butter”, which I was still feeling the effects of a good 3 hours after putting it on this morning.

But I feel better about having something with some blatant SPF in it.   Back to good ‘ol ChapStick for now on the bike!


Black + Brown

To begin my summer of biking, I acquired a Biria fixed gear with a flip flop hub from Joe’s Cycles in Fountain Square.

I love this bike.  I scoped out several bike styles at a few of the local bike shops around Indy and liked several of my options, but on the advice of my husband (“Don’t get it if you don’t LOVE it,”) I continued looking.  I guess you could say that I am (was) culturally opposed to fixed gear bikes and the anarchy that they stand (stood) for; but I’m also down to try anything.  Joe was confident I’d like this bike – I scrunched my nose at the ‘fixed gear’, but when I got on and rode it…I fell in love.  It was unexplainable.  It shouldn’t have worked that well.  And I shouldn’t have liked it that much.  But it felt like an extension of myself; like I was actually in control of the bike.  I was surprised, but I walked out with that Biria and refused to take it back for it’s “check up” until recently, because I didn’t want it to be out of my hands for a second.

Riding with some casual cyclists around town has inspired me to add some features to my bike to give it a personality all ‘my’ own; so here’s what I did:

Before: Biria fixed gear, (see Joe’s Cycles for $ info)

I went for the drop bars (left over from my husband’s bike) wrapped in brown leather (Torelli), and a matching brown leather seat (Brev).  I am really impressed with the results.  It’s serious, sophisticated, and sleek.  Next: a rack on the back.

After: Biria fixed gear; work done by Cody at Joe’s Cycles.

Let’s Keep Indy Super!

While the reason for the NFL season might be officially over, let’s work hard to #KeepIndySuper!

Visitors, officials, and celebrities confirmed what we already know – our city is amazing! But, we don’t need celebrities to remind us that our local restaurants, bars, cultural districts and local businesses are amazing hosts! Lets keep this spirit alive. Follow local culture cultivators like Yelp, NUVO, Indy Star, WFYI — and a burgeoning list of individuals and companies too numerous to list here — and keep experiencing downtown Indy. We can keep this feeling alive long after the Super Bowl ceremonies end!

2012 in Pictures: Day 29 – Super Indy


This morning, I am so impressed with my city. I hardly recognized downtown Indianapolis last night. Super Bowl Village was packed; and really, the party is just beginning.

I hope Indy’s able to maintain some of its small town charm throughout this next week, but I’m realistic. Last night my friend Joe & I were able to find free street parking a mere 10-minute walk away from the action, and we’re blessed to have friends as bartenders, otherwise the $10 drinks would’ve ended our night a lot sooner. It seemed that most of the crowd last night were native Hoosiers, but native or not the restaurants were packed with a 2-hour + wait time. This is where the genius of the food trucks comes in. I don’t think the food trucks were obvious enough, or promoted enough. Maybe people would rather wait 2 hours for a table than eat their food standing up in the cold. But I ain’t fancy, so I had some Chili from the Gypsy truck, I think. $4. Zero wait time. Delicious.

The Huddle was cool, too, though I do miss everything about Nordstrom.   The Huddle After Hours looks amazing.

Even underfoot of tens of thousands of party-ers and sight-seers, the streets of Indianapolis maintained a sense of sparkle, almost, and a freshness. I get to be in the middle of it again on Wednesday for the taping of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (where Tracy Morgan will grace the stage!!). I’m #Super Excited.



Tonight I went out for dinner with a friend for her birthday, and I walked away from it with that sick, overstuffed feeling that I haven’t felt in months. I am overeating again.

I was so excited to get down to 155 before the Holidays, so I celebrated. And I have kept on celebrating, and now I’m back up to 160. I am so mad at myself. It’s so much easier to put on the weight than take it off, so I know just what a big step backward I’ve taken. Twenty pounds to go, with Winter beating at my back deteriorating my motivation minute by minute – it’s not going to be easy.

It’s time to hop back on the wagon – well, maybe I should hope behind the wagon and push for a mile or two.

Small Goals:
– work out at least 30 minutes every day until 20 pounds are lost
– make entries in my food journal every day
– weigh myself every day to keep myself accountable
– don’t get mad and discouraged!

Now, off to my Pinterest to create a “Motivating Images” board…