Healthy Dinner

With zero effort from me (because Ben threw all the ingredients into the crock-pot today while I was at work), I arrived home to this delicious chicken taco chili, sans rice, cheese, sour cream, and I left out the kidney beans and only used black beans.

chrockpot-chicken-chili from SkinnyTaste dot com
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But, this recipe, as is, is supposedly only 203 calories (if you have the proper serving size, which is 1.25 cups)!  Not bad for a hectic Monday night.

You can get the recipe here, on SkinnyTaste’s website:


I tried to make: Sweet Potato Fries

The image of these sweet potato fries on Pinterest (from The Art of Doing Stuff) has been tempting me for weeks, so I finally decided to try to make them this weekend! Sweet potatoes are a big favorite of mine, year-round. I much prefer sweet potato fries to regular fries when dining out at restaurants. So if I can make them at home, even better.

This recipe is very simple, I’ll give it that. And the fries came out of the oven looking perfectly crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. But that was not the reality. They were a nice texture on the inside – but a bit too soft; but my main complaint is that the outside of the fry was not crispy, and further, was really corn-starchy.

They look great, but don't taste so great...

So, how do I alter it? More oil, less corn starch? Fry instead of bake? I’d really really like to be able to add this to my cookbook, so any help is appreciated!

Chocolate from The Best

It’s hard, isn’t it? To keep those tasty treats you purchase with the good intention to pass them on to a loved one as a gift…sometimes, it just doesn’t…well, make it. Enter: The Best Chocolate in Town’s milk chocolate bar with roasted corn.

Perfect for when I have a craving for Corn Nuts, and chocolate.  Which is all the time!