2012 in Pictures: Day 29 – Super Indy


This morning, I am so impressed with my city. I hardly recognized downtown Indianapolis last night. Super Bowl Village was packed; and really, the party is just beginning.

I hope Indy’s able to maintain some of its small town charm throughout this next week, but I’m realistic. Last night my friend Joe & I were able to find free street parking a mere 10-minute walk away from the action, and we’re blessed to have friends as bartenders, otherwise the $10 drinks would’ve ended our night a lot sooner. It seemed that most of the crowd last night were native Hoosiers, but native or not the restaurants were packed with a 2-hour + wait time. This is where the genius of the food trucks comes in. I don’t think the food trucks were obvious enough, or promoted enough. Maybe people would rather wait 2 hours for a table than eat their food standing up in the cold. But I ain’t fancy, so I had some Chili from the Gypsy truck, I think. $4. Zero wait time. Delicious.

The Huddle was cool, too, though I do miss everything about Nordstrom.   The Huddle After Hours looks amazing.

Even underfoot of tens of thousands of party-ers and sight-seers, the streets of Indianapolis maintained a sense of sparkle, almost, and a freshness. I get to be in the middle of it again on Wednesday for the taping of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (where Tracy Morgan will grace the stage!!). I’m #Super Excited.



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