30th Birthday photo dump.

I haaaaaaate parties – I used to be really good at parties! I was the perfect mix of social, funny, witty, loud, and entertaining; but now I feel like I’m just disjointed, awkward, and *situationally unaware* (thank you Alisha for teaching me that phrase).

Actually, I’m probably still really good at parties – just not my own! I am just no good at hosting a group of people. It’s just too awkward for me. All those different personality types circling each other, just waiting to clash; everyone arriving and leaving at different times; everyone talking to you at the same time; and add to that my Type A (‘A’ is for anal) personality that won’t let me relinquish control of anything within my own 4 walls. Yes, it’s much better to be at someone else’s party.

But despite all that, which seems like a mess, it really wasn’t that bad – I had an amazing time at my little 30th birthday party! The cake stole the show – created by Mica at Confectioneiress Cupcakes & Sweets (the very same baker for my wedding!). It’s a ginormous 3-layer yellow cake with butter cream icing, smothered in multi-color sprinkles. We’d all love to know how she pulled that off!

I got some really thoughtful gifts, and some much needed alcohol, and of course some great pictures to document the night! Enjoy!


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