Random Acts of Kindness

Today is my birthday!!

I get 6-year-old level excited every year on my birthday. Whatever good things happen on that day, I celebrate it as though the tiny random good thing were a direct result of the day being my birthday:
Gas went down 10-cents a gallon? Yay! My birthday!
Awesome sun-shiny weather? Yay! Happy Bday!
That awesome new pair of shoes went on sale? Yay! It’s so nice of them to do that this one day only!

So, today, giddy with excited energy, I’m braving the drizzly rain and spending my day spreading love & kindness all over the fair city of Indianapolis.

Today I’m planning on performing 30 random acts of kindness (RAK or RAOK). I may update this with some pictures, etc, if I get a chance today; but I encourage you to join me, in honor of my 30th birthday, and perform just one random act of kindness yourself today! Here are some examples:
– buy someone a coffee
– write someone a long letter – with pen & paper
– push in some shopping carts on your way in to the grocery store.
– leave some change on a vending machine (use tape)
– give a gas card or calling card to someone at the gas station
– compliment everyone and everything!
– write a nice review
– reward good customer service – find their boss and praise them.

Well, that’s just a few, and you’ll find a few more with a quick Google search of ‘Random Acts of Kindness’.

Have fun today!


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