My first 30.

Minutes into my 30th birthday, I’m growing more nostalgic for ‘what was’. Instead of lamenting, I’m appreciating and marveling at all the amazing experiences I’ve had so far. Below are 30 big things I’ve experience between December 1981 and December 2011:
1. I’ve been lead waver on no less than 4 parade floats.
2. I was voted 3rd Grade princess and got to wear a sash at the county festival.
3. I got to see Elton John perform at Clowes Hall.
4. I spent a week in Dublin, Ireland.
5. I learned to snowboard in Jackson Hole, WY.
6. I marched in the parade at Disney World with my high school marching band.
7. I nearly drowned in a swimming pool when I was 4, but my dad saved me.
8. I got my first tattoo;  then my second;  then my third.
9. Since I was 18, I’ve had 11 jobs (not including temporary side jobs and unpaid internships!)
10. I graduated college – a semester early.
11. I converted to Judaism.
12. I’ve been to the Everglades more than anyone I know.
13. I saw Iron & Wine in concert, and Pat Benetar; and Pinback – probably a record # of tiems.
14. I married a rock star.
15. I got a life-changing breast reduction.
16. I sat next to Jamey Abersold on a plane, and talked about Dave Matthews Band for 2 hours;  got his autograph and gave it to my music teacher.  Dammit.
17. I went to Canada with a bunch of “not Frat” guys from Anderson University – one month after 9/11 – without an ID.  Come on, border patrol!  That seriously didn’t look suspicious?
18. I lost my dad to lung cancer.
19. I was on the cover of NUVO Newsweekly.
20. An article I wrote for Broad Ripple Gazette is framed & hanging at Ripple Bagel Deli.
21. I paid off all my debt.
22. I spent an amazing 2 weeks in California on my honeymoon.
23. I learned Spanish – but have forgotten most of it.
24. I went back to school to study Fashion Merchandising.
25. I lived in Detroit for a month – and rocked it.
26. I used to write poetry.
27. I saw Pearl Jam in concert.
28. I got fired.  Hard.
29. I lived in Naples, the most beautiful city in Florida, for over 2 years – and got to sail every inch of water between there & Sanibel.
30. I’ve never fallen out of love with Bruce Springsteen.


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