30 days of 30

I began my 30th birthday with a trip to Las Vegas with my friends Alisha and Heidi.  It was a once-in-a-lifetime event!  It wasn’t supposed to set off a month-long introspection, but it did.  In a really good way.

I should’ve starting thinking about turning 30 earlier. Not the turning 30 part – but the thinking about it part – that should’ve happened earlier. Truth is, I naively thought that maybe it wouldn’t happen. I really thought that it could go by mostly unnoticed; that on December 5, as I turn 30-years-and-1-day, everyone else would still think I’m 29.  Maybe some people will, and I won’t correct them.

But age ain’t no thang.  I’m not worried about the number.  I’m not worried much at all.  If I had to be concerned about ONE thing, it might be about the lack of check-marks on my bucket-list.  I always wish I would do more, or that I had done more.  It’s easy to look back on the past 10 years and think, “gosh, if I had added grad school in there I’d be done by now!”  But, I didn’t.  Maybe in the next 10 years.  I could if I wanna.

One of the most awesome things about big life events is taking the time to reflect, compile and compose, and appreciate what this first 30 years has brought me.  And one of the most frustrating things is over-analyzing all that reflecting, compiling and composing, and beating myself up over regrets or missed opportunities.  But, it all comes with the territory, the good and the bad, and what I hope to give myself this birthday is some self-acceptance and appreciation and motivation for improvement.


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