Thank You

At the moment, I’m writing thank-you cards.

Laurel Notecards by Rifle Paper Co., at MercierBeauCoupShop dot com

I’m a big fan of stationery and hand-writing, and I find that the best excuse to buy more pretty stationery and do more hand-writing is to write thank-you cards.

These in particular are to clients. This instance is my favorite, because clients are the least expectant of a thank-you card. When they receive them, I don’t imagine that the card ends up in the recycling bin mere moments after the crisp zip of the letter opener has freed it from its envelope. No, instead, I imagine the smirky smile that crosses her face as her shoulders relax, happy to have a piece of mail cross her desk that wasn’t asking her for something in return.

Don’t be fooled, though, I do get something out of it as well.  A sense of satisfaction; the cathartic release that putting pen to paper provides.  I’ve heard from teacher-friends and scholars that they will stop teaching handwriting to youngsters one day.  They say we won’t need it; that computers will fulfill all of our correspondence needs.  As much as I love the quick efficiency of my computer keyboard, and my ever-improving mobile keyboard skills, I can’t imagine it replacing the art of handwriting.

So, for the sake of all that is holy, like good manners, your mother, and handwriting – pick up a piece of construction paper, card stock, or even a sticky note; fold it in half; flip it open and write a note of encouragement, salutations, congratulations, or just a hello…then give it to a friend.

{or, take a picture, and post it here!}


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