She works hard for the money…

This morning I left my house with a cheerful

“Goodbye! Have a wonderful day!”

…from my maid.

Is ‘maid’ right?  Is ‘housekeeper’ better?  ‘Cleaner’?  What do I call her?  I’ll call her Olga…since that’s her name.

I had much inner conflict about hiring help to clean my house.  I just always felt I wasn’t ‘that’ person.  I felt that I didn’t make ‘enough’ money to justify that kind of luxury.   After all, who am I trying to impress?

After much internal debate, I decided that I would impress myself; do this for me.  Instead of getting a massage, a haircut or manicure, or a cute new pair of shoes, I dedicated that money to hire a cleaner – Olga.

I’m still conflicted, though.  On one hand, I think that it’s unfair that I have to justify such an expense with reason and logistics, even in my own mind.  I think it’s a ‘female’ thing:  I don’t want others to judge me based on the fact that I spend a little money on some extra help.  At the same time, I don’t want others to judge me based on how dingy my walls, baseboards, and kitchen sink are when they come over to my house.

Alas, you can’t have it both ways, so there it is – out in the open:  I hired outside help.  For a woman, that’s just like saying,

“I admit it, I did not make this delicious cake, hand-knit scarf, juicy pot roast, nor did I squeeze this fresh lemonade – it is from a mix.”

On the bright side, I’m supporting our local economy.  Olga runs her own tax-paying business, and will no doubt spend my money, recycling it back into the Indianapolis economy, the state’s economy, and eventually the nation’s economy.

So please, when you come over, do admire that my picture frames do not have dust on them, and that there are no dust-bunnies under the bed, because I worked hard to pay someone to do that…


4 thoughts on “She works hard for the money…

  1. I also had that same internal conflict and ended up in the same place. And I can’t be happier with my decision. I loved Lynn and now I love Alex. I try my best to make sure they know how much I appreciate coming home to the fresh smelling, relaxing haven that they have helped me create. I often leave fresh baked goodies to say thank you! Truth be told- my friends always know when I’ve had my special visitor and compliment. Enjoy Olga!

  2. I believe in domestic help…they have a different view on cleaning and oftentimes better. I had a girl named Maria and she did my floors that I never have or had since. And when she left my house I felt so comfortable. Having a clean house makes working all the time a little more harmonious when you come home to a zen clean. Maria had a biochemist degree that did not transfer here to the US…she went back home to Paraguay. I cried when she left.

  3. What company did you go through? I hired a cleaning company once and paid a ton for a lot of stress. They were only supposed to come once, but didn’t do anything right and had to come back twice. Would love to have one person who is local do the job on the reg base. Hit me up and let’s discuss if you don’t mind!

    1. Sure! She was great. I went through a check list with her when she came out to see my house and give me a quote, and she did everything on that check list today. There are things that take time, though – like, she washed my dishes, but didn’t know exactly where everything goes – but next time, she will! I can only see this getting better and better!

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