That’s a wrap:

This past weekend, Ben & I tested a new frontier in our relationship: “the workplace”.
Ben put together a team of filmmakers, editors, techies, musicians and movie-nerds, to which I added a mix of actors/actresses, and a bit of food, and the 15 of us formed CinemaPony Films to create a short film for the Indianapolis 48 Hour Film Project.

With the goal of making a 4-7minute film, in a genre given to us just Friday night, we tried to map out the schedule of the weekend the best we could.  Between 7pm Friday evening and 7:30pm Sunday evening, we had to squeeze in:
Finding  a Plot
Writing a story – and a script
Assigning the actors/roles
Rounding up mandatory props
Finding a Location to shoot at
Write music for the film
and Edit the film!

I guess my “real” job was to keep everything organized and “on time”, which included making sure people showed up at the right place, at the right time, making sure all our paperwork was filled out, signed, and delivered (and dear god, if that’s not all kosher – I will just scream). Another aspect of my job was to keep everything “on schedule” – which is a dumb job to have around Ben Masbaum, because, well, he’s just going to do what he wants to do.

“Hello, my name is Rebecca Masbaum, and I have control issues.”
(“hi Rebecca…”)

Creatively, it always seems that whatever Ben wants to do is pretty righteous.  The look and feel of the final edit of the film is really impressive.  It’s amazingly lucky for us to have 3 highly skilled editors on our team, plus a pro actress, and 2 supporting actors who just found out they have a heck-of-a-lotta hidden talent.  And it never fails to impress me how dedicated Ben’s friends are to projects that they do together.  That’s brotherhood for ya….

Not to say our weekend was one big love ‘fest full of rainbows and unicorns… we definitely met our challenges – creatively and technically.  Including, but not limted to, a power outage at 9am on Sunday morning that ultimately cost us 5 hours of work:
2 hours to find the files and and the complete sequence in Final Cut.
3 hours of editing that was done between 6am – 9am.

By noon, the editing team was back on track, sort of, but definitely hours behind “my preferred schedule.”  Later, leaving very little time to export the file, and almost zero time to test it before submitting it, we realized that it was .03Gigs larger than the largest thumb drive or DVD capacity we had.  So we had to sacrifice one of our editor’s flash drives, and hopefully he’ll get it back this weekend after the screening.  But, the film and all the components were turned in – on time.  7:25pm, yes.  But still on time.  And, as we reviewed the final edit – after turning it in, crossing our fingers nothing was askew – we breathed a sigh of relief when we saw just how perfect it was!

While, yes, the team is probably thankful that I kept them fed all weekend and found a 4-star acting team, I think mostly  they might say I contributed a lot of tension to the 48 hours.  I’m not a diplomatic person, and I’m not known for keeping my opinions to myself, and I’m even more not known for letting a person get away with deliberately ignoring FACTS.  But that kind of “philosophy” doesn’t lend itself to creating a nurturing atmosphere on set.  🙂  But what can I say – I’ll let Jillian Michaels say it instead, with a quote that embodies how I’ve been living my life, before I even knew how to define it.

 “The worst advice I ever got was to be diplomatic, because it compromised my authentic truth. ‘Don’t fight this; don’t stand up for that; be a good girl; don’t be a troublemaker’ — fuck you!” – Jillian Michaels


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