Same-day Wedding Videos

I recently got an email from a friend of mine who is in the throes of planning her wedding. She turned me on to this videographer who does SAME DAY WEDDING VIDEOS!

What I mainly hear from planning brides is that a videographer is just one more expense that they don’t see the value in. They imagine the video to be a clunky boring piece of media they *might* show their kids one day. I think this video might change their minds.  This is the video of my friend’s friends, Matt & Leslie:

Steve Zugelter, owner of Studio Z Films, and creator of the gorgeous video above, gives brides a revolutionary solution for wedding videography.  He and his team capture every moment of the wedding preparation, the ceremony, and the exit.  Then, instead of waiting the standard 2+ weeks to receive your completed video, Studio Z edits the footage and presents the final video to you and your wedding guests that SAME NIGHT, during dinner!

That’s quick, right?!  I didn’t believe it – until I saw it.  Wish I knew about this for my wedding!  Now, you can use it for yours!


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