Married Life: Resoluting

I love making plans!  I just don’t like sticking to them…

Along with the obligatory goals of weight loss and saving money, I’m adding the goal to ReConnect.

In a real way. In a big way. In a real big way.

Yes, 2010 has been more than hectic, and I’ve been able to use
a). I’ve got to save money for the wedding
b). I’m making stuff for the wedding
c). I just got done planning a wedding
as excuses to postpone or completely avoid making plans with my friends. Some friends have been patient with me, and some a little forceful (thankfully), and some have just left me in their dust; but this year I want to dedicate time to rekindling those friendships I’ve been putting off.  I’ve got to get out of that comfortable hole I’ve climbed in where it’s so easy to just assume that my husband will be my plus-one to everything.  I want to try out a new restaurant; he goes with me.  I want to see a movie; he’s my date.  I want to go karaoke; only if he’s in the mood.  I’m pledging to re-discover my independent-self and Re-Connect with my friends!

Unfortunately, the easiest starting points are Facebook and my iPhone contact list.  Now, I’m not going all militant and insisting that I spend couch time with every single “Friend” on Facebook.  I’m just using it as a reference, a place to start, a “to-do” list if you will (but don’t).

I’ve already gotten a head-start.  I had dinner and drinks with two lovely lady friends last night that I don’t spend nearly enough time with.  And lunch with a friend who I rarely get to spend 1-on-1 time with.

I’ll leave my New Year’s Resolution list simple this year;  this one item might take all year to do….


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