Bridesmaid Gifts

If you’ve ever spent hours (or days!  weeks…? yikes!)  trying to decide on a gift for a close friend, you’re in good company.   I’ve been trying to find gifts for my bridesmaids for, well, a year now.  The problem is, no two are alike.  In any manner.  They are all very much different from the other.  The easy solution seems to be to get them all something different; something that matches their individual personality, right?

I thought so, too.  Until I started trying to match gifts personally for each bridesmaid.  Then, I thought, well what if Bridesmaid #1 sees Gift #2 and secretly would rather have that and consequently doesn’t feel like I love her enough?  <yes, I know I can be neurotic sometimes>.

So back to getting them all the same thing.  Uniform gifts can be highly personalized, and I recommend it.  This can be as simple as writing a lovely personal note to each friend along with the gift.  Tell them why you purchased the gift.  Maybe it’s a theme with your wedding;  maybe it reminds you of the first time you met your friend;  maybe it’s something that reminds them of a connection they all have:  YOU!   Whatever gift you give them, personalization is important.

Here’s what I *wanted* to get my bridesmaids:

Michael Kors "Very Hollywood" scented ink pen

It’s unique, it screams my personality, and each and every one of the girls would have loved it for personal and/or nostalgic reasons.  However, they’re all sold out.  By “Limited Edition” they mean they’re all gone and they will never make any more.

The gift I finally chose, while it was obviously not my #1 choice, I do like very much!  I approached the new gift hunt from the personalization angle.  I actually thought FIRST of what I wanted to tell my closest friends.  And then, I found the object with which to do that.  Awkward sounding, I know.  But it was a very interesting process, and actually worked really well!   I wanted to tell each of them how much I love and appreciate them, of course, and that I recognized how much effort they were putting in for me, and the phrases that kept coming to my mind mostly had the same word in them:  “measure”.  Measuring cups.  Ok, that is NOT  sexy gift.  You cannot make that cute.  So I was trying to get “measuring cups” out of my mind, and trying to force phrases into my head that didn’t use the word “measure” (as in, “my love for you can’t be measured”, “I am so thankful for you beyond all measure”…etc.).  I gave up and just wanted to get something cute, wrap it, and get on with my life, so I went to Anthropologie.  Not a local store – that’s how *over it* I was.  As I looked around, what to my wandering sight did I see?  Cute kitchen ware.  Cute. measuring. spoons.  Brilliant!  There were nesting measuring bowls shaped like flowers, and even some plain ceramic nesting spoons, but my eyes gravitated toward the pink and gold ceramic measuring spoons.  I bought a set for each bridesmaid, but the gift wasn’t quite complete.  I then wrote several drafts of notes to each one, and once that was finished, I put it on nice paper and added a sweet-but-corny line like, “Our friendship has all the right ingredients!”.  Hehehe – that still makes me laugh!

While I didn’t get to have my first choice of gift to give, I’m still happy at being able to give a gift from the heart, that helped me express how much I do love each and every one of my friends that were able to stand next to me on my wedding day!


One thought on “Bridesmaid Gifts

  1. I ouldnt have loved the bridesmaid gift more. It’s on my dresser now- I am searching for the right place for them. The pen would have been fitting for me- since you ‘gave’ the waitress @ PF changs my good one on my birthday!!

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