With This Ring…

Wooden wedding band from Stoutwoodworks on Etsy.com

Ben’s wedding band arrived safely in the mail!

Not wanting to buy traditional wedding bands from traditional jewelry stores, we opted to take a look at what sellers and artists on Etsy.com had to offer.  Honestly, as fired up as I am about spending my money locally as often as possible and using as many local and independent resources as possible, I was a bit worried about the quality I could expect from Etsy.com.

Have you ever bought anything from Etsy?  Thanks to this wedding, I’m now a pro at seeking and finding on etsy.com.  My experience so far has been above exceptional.  The site is user-friendly, and the sellers give the best customer service you’ll ever receive.  Each seller that I have bought from has communicated back and forth with me through countless emails, making sure what they send me is what i want, custom-creating individual pieces, and then checking back with me to make sure I am happy with the end result.

Ben’s ring was no exception.  Stoutwoodworks‘ quality is as above-board as their customer service.  Ben’s ring arrived with instructions on caring for the ring, and an invitation to send it back if it ever needed spruced up.

I followed suit and ordered my ring from a jeweler on Etsy as well.  It’ll arrive soon!

    Why the wooden ring? In part, it’s because that is what Ben wanted:  a unique non-traditional ring that was a different as he is.  It’s also a good choice because, in part, his last name is “arbor tree” in German.  Wood has also had quite a theme in our relationship:  I used wood as a theme in a poem from me to him, and my wood-grained heart tattoo that I got as a reminder to always wear my heart on my sleeve.  Hope that answers any questions!

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