Engagement Pictures: Deja Vu

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You will remember my Flickr post of engagement pictures last fall that my longtime friend and talented photographer Samuel McDonough took at the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  Ben & I are created a picture book out of those shots that Samuel took, and we needed just a few more to add to make the book complete!

Thanks to my lovely friend and bridesmaid Kate Franzman for taking a few moments out of her day to snap some shots of Ben and I at our favorite local art space, the Indianapolis Art Center.  Ben and I originally wanted to have our wedding here, outdoors, in front of this little crooked house, with an al fresco reception on the large deck overlooking the … beautiful? … White River.   However, a quite better location came available (thanks to future MIL!), so I felt the best way to use this beautiful space was to capture Ben and me within it.  It was a perfect evening, and Kate was able to capture the scenery’s magical qualities just the way we so often see it when it’s just me & Ben on a stroll.

Thanks so much Kate!


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