If the Shoe Fits…

Harder than finding THE dress, and maybe even more fun for me, is finding THE shoes to wear during my moment to shine! I chose a short wedding dress so that I can showcase the shoes! So I invite you all to join in the fun with me…

The Rules:
1.) Vote for your favorite shoe, based on
a.) what you know about me,
b.) what you know about my wedding (see rest of blog),
c.) your honest opinion about the look of the shoe.

2.) Do not Google how much these shoes cost then base your choice on the price.
3.) Feel free to vote for more than one shoe!  Just rank them…
4.) Leave your votes in the comment section!

The Axelle, by Nina

Axelle, by Nina; Ivory Luster Satin

Studio 120, by Christian Louboutin

Studio 120, by Christian Louboutin; Gray Satin w/ clear rhinestones & sequins

Decollete, by Christian Louboutin

Decollete, by Christian Louboutin; Nude Leather

CL, by Christian Louboutin

CL, by Christian Louboutin; Nude Leather, w/ Silver & rhinestone heel

New Simple, by Christian Louboutin

New Simple, by Christian Louboutin; Nude Patent Leather maryjane

So there they are!  Despite the pricey brand names, believe me, I’ve found a great website that offers these very above knock-offs for under $100 – which is my limit for spending on these shoes.  There, I’ve gotten very personal with you – I don’t like to share money matters with complete strangers – but I feel it was necessary in order to help you help me!

Happy Voting!


8 thoughts on “If the Shoe Fits…

  1. The two plain Christian Louboutin before the embelished shoes because, If I remember correctly, your dress is embelished and they shouldn’t compete. The Mary Jane would be my first choice because it fits you better. Third choice the Nina shoe (although it is a great shoe). Fourth the one with the sparkely heel, not too much competition (also could be talked into moving it up on the list as well). Last the really sparkely one, no make the really plain one last after the really sparkely one.
    1.Mary Jane
    3.Sparkely Heel
    4.All over sparkel
    5.Boring by comparison

  2. I vote for #1. They are the most unique and to me look like something you would wear.

    You can’t go wrong, they are all great.

  3. Really love 4, but I vote for 5. All this talk of your other accessories leaves me to think a simple shoe might work best?

    And please, do tell where you are finding Louboutin’s for $100!

  4. Thanks ladies! The website is http://www.ioffershoes.com. Just remember, they’re knock-offs – but I don’t care.

    I’m IN LOVE with the shoe with the Sparkly heel. I’m not sure how to test it out to see if it really will go with my dress. I’m first of all, assuming that nude will be fine. I get my dress back from alterations on Tuesday — maybe I should print out a life-size version of this she and paste it on my wall and hang the dress above it…

  5. I love the Decollete – the nude color is chic, the height will be sustainable (I wore crazy shoes for our wedding – bought a dress that was good for showing them off, too – and couldn’t walk normally for two days) and flesh-tone shoes elongate the leg. If heel height is not an issue, I’d say go with the sparkle heel. Whatever will make you feel gloriously giddy.

    I’m in love with nude shoes right now, though, so feel free to look upon this comment with caution.

  6. I like the decolettes or the mary janes, but that may be more of my style infringing on yours,if neither of those then #1, I agree with monica, you can’t really go wrong, but if you are going with a backyard summer casual thing, sequins may be a little much.

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