The etiquette of making it Rain.

A wedding shower is a tradition that has been passed down through bridal tradition for thousands of years.  I’ve no idea what the tradition means to the modern bride.  But oh so long ago it was a necessary part of a woman’s journey into marriage.

In days of old, the bridal shower was an occasion for the women from both the bride’s family and the groom’s family gathered with the bride to teach her how to be a top-notch bride, and to share some secrets on having a great sex life.

Now, the bridal shower is filled with cheeky games and Tupperware, and food.  I admittedly have been to very few bridal showers in my life, so I’m not sure why I was dreading my own.  Maybe it was all the frustrations my bridesmaids had planning the party, maybe it was that I secretly feared there would be actual sexual advice said aloud in a room of mixed company, maybe I was nervous because none of my family would be there.  I do know that I had no idea what a modern-day bridal shower was all about.

All my fears were calmed after just a few minutes inside.  My bridesmaids Hilary, Heidi, Monica & Kate had decorated and set up a real crowd-pleaser of a party!

They really did a great job – from the cake to the napkins – it was all SO Rebecca.  They ❤ Me 🙂


I was really excited that everything looked amazing (and tasted amazing!)…but what were we going to DO?  Luckily, my MIL Karen came up with three n0t-too-cheesy games.  And the prizes for the winners?  Flowers from her very own back-yard garden, the very one Ben & I will be married within in just 55 days!  What a cool lady!

The first game I had to correctly guess what Ben’s answers were to 10 questions.  The questions were along the lines of “What’s Ben’s favorite movie?”, “Who is Ben’s hero?”,  “Boxers, briefs…or commando?”.   Guests kept score.  Sadly, I only got 50% of them right!  But, to be fair, Ben answered  a couple of them WRONGLY!  lol.  This game was HILARIOUS.  At least the answers I did get right, I got them word-for-word right.  It’s something.

I shoulda got more answers right!

Then, we played “What’s in Rebecca’s Purse?” – the winner was the person with the most matching items.  Luckily, I brought my full bag of tricks.

Finally, we had a fashion show!  Four teams competed in making a wedding dress out of toilet paper!  My long-time lovely friend Jon Garrison was the only male in attendance, and he was such a good sport!  He served as a model on one of the teams and allowed the girls to swathe him in toilet paper and adorn him with a flowered headdress.

And I had to pick a winner.  I chose Jon.  But it was because of his team spirit.  The best design truly did belong to the team of Kate, Monica, Sarah, and Kristin.  I absolutely would’ve worn the dress they designed.

The models!

Then, I opened presents.  And I didn’t once, not even ONCE, have to fake excitement.  I am so thankful for the small, intimate, close-knit family and friends that love me – they know exactly who I am, and never cease to make me happy!

haha! My happy-face.

I made everyone a little take-home thank-you gift — well, I didn’t MAKE them — I re-packaged locally made gourmet marshmallows from 240-Sweet.  These things are a sugar-lovers heaven, so watch out!  I packed the marshmallows in twos and made stickers for the package using an owl stamp my friend and bridesmaid Hilary got for me.

Treats from 240Sweet

And I must say a big thank you to friend and bridesmaid Heidi for getting us the space at local coffee shop Hubbard & Cravens.  It was beautiful and perfect for 20 or so people!

Hubbard & Cravens

I may still not know what a bridal shower means to this generation of brides.  If you have any ideas, please let me know!  But what I do know is that I definitely felt the love and support that day that often brides start to become deprived of when they bury their heads in their own little world of wedding planning.  I felt grounded and happy surrounded by that group of friends and future family that day.  And if that’s all I learn about bridal showers…then that’s enough.


view more party fun here!


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