Money Well Spent: Food

One thing I’m looking forward to most about my wedding is the food.  People say I won’t remember the food, or even have time to eat it; but I remember the food from every wedding I’ve been to.  And food is super important to me.  So, this was the first decision I made, and the first contract I signed, after choosing my reception location.  I dedicated the largest percentage of my budget to the food.  To all my guests, You’re welcome.

On any given night, if I were given just one last chance to dine out for a nice dinner, I would choose the Jazz Kitchen.  So I booked them as my caterers; no one else was even considered.  Now, this isn’t recommended – it’s not a safe strategy.  Every wedding professional will tell you that you should have a #1, #2, and #3 choice for your caterer – naturally, in case your #1 option is booked, or isn’t quite what you expected.

The best part about spending your money locally – big money OR little money – is getting to talk to the owner, the chef, the people who your money will actually be going to.  Dave and LuAnn sat down with me and turned my blah little ideas for the menu into grande culinary delights.  I said, “I don’t know, I want something for the vegetarians, and I definitely like brie, and yeah, we definitely need a meat option…”, and they turned that into, “Let’s do a brown sugar-crusted brie appetizers, a cranberry and herb stuffed pork loin, roasted veggies, tortellini for the vegetarians…” and on.  True culinary genius runs that place – evident in the fact that they’ve lasted in the volatile Indy restaurant market (and music venue market) for over 15 years.

I’ll be making a special request to have a plate (or 2) set aside for me and Ben that night.


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