I need my space!

The walls are closing in! Between mine & Ben’s large immediate family, our life-long curse of being loved and adored by everyone we meet, and our inability to say “no” sometimes, we have found ourselves smothering under a pile of wedding guests!

courtesy of twirlboutique.com

The realization that our immediate family, closest friends, and other must-have attendees amounted to a number that would have my future mother-in-law’s back yard gates bursting at the seams really frustrated us.  But going line by line, person by person and evaluating their true meaning in our individual lives and in our lives as a couple – that broke our hearts!  Some illiminations were easy (his ex-ex-boss), some were much harder (friends’ parents that took me in as their own child at times), but simplifying and reducing was very therapeutic.  It put the whole event back in perspective.  My original vision was for our wedding day to be intimate and rustic.  Thankfully, our space limitations forced me to remember that for my sanity, and my budget, I intended on keeping this occassion small.   This is a day to celebreate our union.  This is a day to finally meld our families together.  And where I’m really trying to focus my zen center is on these words: “This is a day.” 

This is <a> day.  Just one.  I’m trying to remember that.  And for all you will-be brides out there:  every peice of advice I’ve gotten on this subject has said to keep it simple.


2 thoughts on “I need my space!

  1. I feel your anguish! But I love the mantra…”it’s just one day…” Wish the yard was twice its size, though! Love ya’, can’t wait to have you as my DIL!

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