Road Trip

My bridesmaid Monica was as anxious to get my dress as I was…

and she wanted to go to Ikea…so she immediately planned a road trip!
We set our GPS address to Bridal & Formal, at 10am, and arrived just after they opened, and were greeted by quite the wait list. My tummy was telling me I was nervous. I’m not sure if there was anything specific I was nervous about, but any number of things could go wrong. I’ve had several bad dreams about the wedding, and about my dress, in the past couple of months — I had a dream where I put on my dress the day of the wedding and it was BLUE! Not ivory, not white, but BLUE. Not only does that not MATCH any of the colors we’ve planned for the wedding, it..umm..was BLUE! Or, it could turn out that the dress wouldn’t fit. Or, it could be the wrong dress entirely. So when the inexperienced junior-in-high-school sales girl (literally, I know this, because like ALL high schoolers, she only talked about herself), called my name from the waiting list, I was less than confident that the dress-bag she was holding actually contained MY dress.
She hastily put in me in a dressing room and handed me the dress.  I slipped it on, and it was perfect…well, almost!  The best of the worst things…it’s a bit too big!

It’s great to see that working out has taken off an inch or two.  It really made all this waiting, and the anticipation driving to Cincinnati, so worth it.  So, in a few more weeks, and maybe a few more pounds, the dress will be off to the seamstress for alterations.

Afterwards, we made a quick trip to Ikea; the place never ceases to amaze me.  I can’t wait to have an Ikea-filled home.


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