Kris Arnold: Wedding photos

Kris Arnold captured by Rumi Sakuraeda

I have the good fortune of having many talented people working with me on my wedding, and Kris Arnold is one of them.  Kris is a photographer; but more than that he’s a legendary lensman with an artistic eye for capturing beauty in the not-so-beautiful — it’s handy to have someone like that behind the camera on a gal’s wedding day.

A quick browse through his website (or any google results) and you’ll see his enviable range as a photographer:  Music, portrait, art – he can do it all, and well.

I met Kris through my fiance; then Kris and I worked together at NUVO, where I really got to see his passion for photography.  He’s a busy man.  He’s intimate with city of New Orleans; making several trips there during the aftermath of hurricane Katrina to photograph the lives of the people trying to rebuild after the tragedy.  He has a book coming out:  True Brews: A Guide to Craft Beer in Indiana.  He’s in a band.  He’s a web developer at the IMA.  He just had a new baby!   And the list goes on…I’m envious of his energy, and obviously his talent.  I just count my lucky stars that I can at least call him a friend.
(sorry about the stockphoto shots)

Kris' Daughter
Slippery Noodle Bar
Indpls Airport by Kris Arnold

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