Wedding Websites

For some girls, the sugarplum dreams of her wedding become a a reality when they try on the dress, or when they put the stamp on the invitation, but my moment happened today!  People have started to RSVP through our wedding website, and NOW I’m feeling the reality of it all…our wedding is really happening!

The most stressful part of my wedding process so far has been building a wedding website.  “Building” is not even the right word — more like, filling in the template.  I never dreamed it would be so hard; but I kept questioning everything.  Is this the right background?  Are these the right colors?  Are my descriptions too funny?  To serious?  It’s nerve-racking thinking about all those people that will be looking and judging!!

Despite that, the finished product is a lot of fun.  And there are some ready-made websites out there that really do make it very easy! has a wedding website builder, and the only problem I had with it was not being able to upload a proper user-friendly map.  But, it does allow you to manage a guest list, and to email everyone on your guest list a “Save-The-Date” that takes them right to your website; although, we weren’t able to email everyone AT ONCE. So, we have to go through and send out the emails a few at a time; so that’s going to take all week….

The best part of the wedding website experience was that it’s free.  I don’t understand sites out there that charge a bride for hosting a template wedding website.  Here is a look at some great FREE wedding website sites and inspiration for my own wedding website!


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