The Dress

short wedding dress

Is it bad luck for people to see my dress before the wedding?  Just in case, I’ll only show you pictures of what COULD be the dress!  You won’t know which one of these it is until you show up.

It is ivory, it is short, that’s all I can tell you!  I won’t have it in my possession until February (as long as it’s on-time).  I’m so anxious to see it on me again!





5 thoughts on “The Dress

  1. Hi!!I’m looking for a short wedding dress, and on google I wrote short wedding dress and it comes out your website. I’d like to ask you about the third photo, the one with the flower, it’s so beautiful!! I’m from italy, and i dont’t know if it’d be possible to find it here…
    I appreciate any comment.

  2. I love short wedding dresses and it is so hard to find them. Where did you find the one in the very last picture? It’s gorgeous!

    1. I know it’s a Carmela Sutera dress, and I think it’s from the 2009 line. I am sure I got it from — not sure where you could buy it though!

  3. who’s dress is the second one from the first picture it’s wonderfull!!

    All of them are, but that one is really special!

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